Movie and Book Reviews. Find c. 400 reviews from category list for film-noir, horror, sci-fi, drama (melodrama and romance included), mystery/crime, titles; a few book reviews in book category. (All reviews have spoilers.)

I approach the film reviews with a mostly narrative and literary slant. I’m interested in characters, scripts, plots, setting, atmosphere, and tone. Not so much the technical aspects of film-making.

In particular, I like to focus on character motivation, psychology, and the performance/interpretation of a role by the actor/actress. The genres themselves are discussed, especially when a movie straddles genres (e.g., horror/ sci-fi, mystery/crime and film noir) or fits a genre variant (a chiller/thriller can elements of horror, mystery, etc.).

For info on my psueodonym character Farmermouse, please look under the Prose/Poetry/Essay category, you’ll find some bits and pieces on Farmermouse and his (alternative fantasy) world.

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